Bridges & Ladders

Eighth-graders have just finished a three-part unit in Studio Art called Bridges & Ladders.

Judy Novey and Jona Rice started the unit by showing a slideshow of artists through time and across cultures who used ladder-like images in a myriad of decorative and symbolic ways. One of the most striking is a sculpture called “A Ladder for Booker T. Washington” by the contemporary African-American sculptor Martin Puryear. Other ladder images went back to ancient petroglyphs.

Students did quick sketches of the forms they observed in the slideshow before beginning work on three different but related assignments. The first was an additive print that used color and mixed media to create abstract ladder/bridge-like imagery. The second was a fanciful sculpture made out of wire and paper-maché. The final assignment was an artist’s book which combined cut-paper imagery with metaphoric language to speak poetically about making connections and life’s journeys.

This artwork can currently be seen on the rounded wall gallery outside of the theater.

Artwork featured above: Ian Good

Julia Werner:

Henry Wagg:

“A Ladder for Booker T. Washington” by Martin Puryear:

Ancient petroglyphs:


WEAG to host screening of “Before the Flood” on March 21

The Waynflete Environmental Action Group (WEAG) is a student-led activity that raises awareness about environmental issues in our community. On Wednesday, March 21, WEAG will present a screening of Before the Flood. The film follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he examines current-day impacts of climate change. The picture also features President Obama, Pope Francis, and a host of climate experts.

While the topic is somewhat dark, there is also a hopeful side of the movie demonstrated by forward-thinking individuals like Elon Musk. It is a great documentary that generates lots of discussion around the issue of climate change and how it affects us.

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Congratulations to newly accepted students and families!

Congratulations to newly accepted students and families! We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community.

In the meantime, we are eager for you to feel connected and informed about our program and school news. For that, we have the Waynflete Wire, a blog that provides an inside look at the student experience and community events. To learn more about our program, click the “Lower School” in the header above.

Anne Hopkins
Lower School Director

Sixth-grade marine life oil pastels

Sixth-grade students recently created an observational oil pastel that focused on marine life. Using their iPads for reference, they made preliminary sketches of both salt and freshwater fish and their habitats. They composed a contour line drawing, combining their chosen fish with a habitat. Following a color theory lesson, students chose their palettes and layered hues to complete their drawing.

Riley Mayes ’18 Receives 2018 Girls Rock! Award

Congratulations to Riley Mayes ’18 who was chosen to receive a 2018 Girls Rock! award. Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Moxie Maine Magazine, The Maine Girls’ Academy, and National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman joined together for a night of celebrating Maine girls for their personal, academic, athletic, and humanitarian achievements at the recent awards ceremony.

Riley has a particular skill and interest in unifying all genders toward a school and community climate of safety and healthy sexuality by preventing gender based violence among young people. At Waynflete, Riley became a member of the RAPS (Raising Awareness & Providing Support) program: a group that focuses on the physical and mental well-being of the students. She has developed and delivered the Safer Sexuality Program to Freshman students as part of her leadership role within the program. Riley spent a summer abroad studying sexuality in Amsterdam. Shortly after her summer experience, Riley began volunteering for Maine Boys to Men. She spent the last two summers meeting with Boys to Men staff to review and write their 12 Hour High School curriculum specifically in the areas of healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, online harassment, sexting and technology respect.  Additionally, Riley assisted Maine Boys to Men create the RSVP Rally program, is a member of the Youth Advisory Council, served on panels and facilitated events at other schools. She participated in a Train the Trainer Model and then was responsible as the Lead facilitator of a three hour training to 40 students. She seeks authentically to partner men and women, boys and girls in dialogue that opens hearts and changes actions.

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