Lower School faculty prepares for global focus on Spain

Each year the Lower School chooses a country to study in depth, culminating in a weeklong intensive during the first week of February. Yesterday the Lower School faculty launched its study of Spain by inviting three Spanish guests to school to share information about their culture.   Teachers contributed dishes such as Tortilla de Patatas, Albondigas, Arroz al horno, Crema Catalana, and much more while the Spanish guests taught us lessons on the language and politics of Spain and the daily life of Spanish children.

It was a wonderfully informative afternoon thanks to the generosity of the Spanish visitors!

Sixth grade indoor archaeological dig

Over the past month, students in sixth-grade history have been learning to think, dig, and document like archaeologists by conducting an indoor archaeological dig in the new Lower School’s Innovation Lab. In groups of three or four, students practice their excavation and documentation skills by gradually uncovering and recording artifacts hidden within their team’s bin.

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Founder of International Peace Initiatives visits Waynflete

We were fortunate to have Dr. Karambu Ringera, who runs International Peace Initiatives based in Meru, Kenya, with us on Tuesday last week. At our Middle and Upper School assemblies, Dr. Karambu shared her thoughts on why curiosity, care, and courage are essential abilities for effecting lasting change in the world—starting with our day-to-day lives in a school community.

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Community Art in K-1

Community Art is a weekly period in which visual art collaborates with the classroom curriculum. Students recently created three murals to represent their home station habitats of Forest, Marsh, and Meadow. In the classroom, students brainstormed what elements exist to create each habitat: animals, birds, plants, and aquatic creatures. During Community Art they learned to draw these elements on colorful papers. Classroom teachers cut out hundreds of images.

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