Upper School spring play auditions!

THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH by Thornton Wilder

Guest Director: Robbie Harrison; Production support: Tiki Fuhro; Tech director: Chris Fitze; Costumes: Barbara Kelly

Auditions and crew sign up days: Monday, Feb. 26 (the day we return from break!) and Tuesday, Feb. 27, 3:30 – 5:30 – Franklin Theater; Audition packets and copies of the play are in the library and in the drama office – A – 018  – contact: Tiki Fuhro – tfuhro@waynflete.org

Performances: April 26, 26, 28 at 7:00pm – Franklin

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Vendredi Gras

Today in French 7 and 8 we celebrated Vendredi Gras, our slightly-late Mardi Gras fête that is the culminating event of a week of hard work. Students researched the history and practice of Mardi Gras and French and Cajun history and culture in Louisiana. Then, they created their own Krewes and built wonderfully creative Mardi Gras floats. To cap it all off, we enjoyed some fresh homemade King Cake and zydeco music as we read letters from our pen pals in France. Lots of excitement to send us into February break!

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Saturday is Random Acts of Kindness Day! To encourage participation, The Kindness Project (a Middle School activity group with eight students) prepared bags of treats for each homeroom, which they delivered at the beginning of advising lunch today. The bags contained two pieces of candy for each student and the advisor along with a note from The Kindness Project inviting Middle School students to perform a random act of kindness on Saturday.

Upper School Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo perform at the 50th Annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival

Waynflete’s Upper School Jazz Ensemble and Upper School Jazz Combo recently performed at the 50th Annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival in Boston.

The Combo received no fewer than four perfect scores and landed right in the middle of an extremely competitive Combo division! The Jazz Ensemble played well and received many constructive comments from the judges.  Senior tenor saxophonist Julian Abbott received the Judge’s Choice Award as the outstanding performer for both Waynflete groups!

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McKinsey video: “the digital future of work: what skills will be needed?”

From McKinsey & Company:

For an 18-year-old today, figuring out what kind of education and skills to acquire is an increasingly difficult undertaking. Machines are already conducting data mining for lawyers and writing basic press releases and news stories. In coming years and decades, the technology is sure to develop and encompass ever more human work activities.

Yet machines cannot do everything. To be as productive as it could be, this new automation age will also require a range of human skills in the workplace, from technological expertise to essential social and emotional capabilities.

In this video, experts from academia and industry join McKinsey partners to discuss the skills likely to be in demand and how young people today can prepare for a world in which people will interact ever more closely with machines.

(You may notice a familiar phrase in this video: “learn how to learn.”)

(Top image excerpted from video.)