Waynflete invites high school students to “Can We?” event on May 10

Waynflete encourages high schoolers from across Maine to join with students from seven Maine schools as they engage candidates for governor in dialogue about bringing their vision for a better Maine and a better nation into reality. Topics will range from gun violence to race relations. Don’t miss this unique and important engagement with American democracy.

Thursday, May 10
7:00–9:00 p.m.
Westbrook Performing Arts Center
471 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook

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Waynflete middle schoolers compete in regional Sea Perch program

A group of middle school science students competed in the regional Sea Perch competition last Friday. The event is hosted by the Navy and the University of New Hampshire. Over the previous two weeks, students had built a functioning remotely operated underwater vehicle that they had to learn how to drive in the course of completing several tasks. The group had the opportunity to share their experience with scientists during a formal presentation.

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Superhero contest

This Wednesday during assembly, Spirit Club hosted their annual Superhero Contest as a part of Spirit Week. Students who dressed for the occasion participated by answering three questions: “Who are you?,” “What is your superpower,” and “Who is your arch nemesis?” Superheros included “Ava-lanche,” “The Glacier,” “Super-Mo,” and “The Waynflete Fryer.”

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Reflections on the 2018 New England Youth Identity Summit

After a weekend of pure energy from the Summit, the vibe this past Monday around school was a mix of the usual exhaustion with a hint of something else—something rooted in perspective. The main goal of this year’s Summit was to gain perspective on new ideas and ways of thinking. There were moments of mutual agreement and moments of unease, but at the end of it all, the main message was an uplifting sense of hope and new ideas for our generation in the years to come.

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Invention Convention

4-5 students recently embarked on feats of creative engineering. After a thorough study of simple machines, students examined everyday problems in their lives, formulated solutions, and crafted inventions. With testing, troubleshooting, and peer feedback, their projects went through many iterations and were finally celebrated at the 4-5 Invention Convention on April 11.

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