Saturnalia was an ancient Roman holiday that occurred during the winter solstice. It celebrated the return of Saturn, god of the harvest. The streets of Rome would be filled with greetings of “Bona Saturnalia.” Gifts were exchanged, and much feasting ensued.

Waynflete sixth-graders learned about Roman food, made their own Roman recipes, then “tea-ifyed” them to make them look ancient. They made ancient Roman pendants out of clay, inscribing them with their initials and favorite numbers—using Roman numerals, of course! Finally, the entire sixth grade gathered in the Drama Room dressed in togae (borrowed bedsheets, not the 30-foot long variety favored by Romans). Students wore pendants and ate Roman food to celebrate Saturnalia.

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4-5 boy & girls basketball team pushes hard in win over Riverton

Waynflete’s 4-5 boys and girls basketball team played an exciting game last Saturday against undefeated Riverton School—and came away with their first win of the season! Our players showed great determination, enthusiasm, and skill in the toughly fought match, coming from behind in the last minute to win 31 to 27.

All team members made valuable contributions to the effort. Coach Mike identified a few standouts for special mention: clutch scoring from Abie, Lucas, and Duncan, assisted by solid defense from Yacob, Lily, Luca, Caleigh, and Noah.

RAaW group holds annual retreat

The “Racial Awareness at Waynflete” group (RAaW) was created for students who are interested in examining the impact of race at Waynflete, in Portland, and around the world. Students meet for lunch and activities during the school year. The group also sponsors a movie night and Martin Luther King Jr. activities, and is also involved in the school’s New England Youth Identity Summit.

RAaW recently held its annual retreat where students deepened their understanding of race and got to know each other better.