New Waynflete weather station

A weather-monitoring station was recently installed on the roof of the Lower School. The station measures wind direction and velocity, outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and rain data. It also provides UV index and electromagnetic intensity readings that, along with temperature and wind velocity, determine the rate of soil evaporation—helpful information for farmers! (Electromagnetic intensity readings are also useful for architects who are trying to maximize building heat in the winter and coolness in the summer.) The weather station’s GPS sensor enables tracking of moon phases.

Students will be able to track and analyze weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual weather trends from any digital device. Is there a “Weather Club” in the Lower School’s future?

Thanks to teacher Bob Olney for helping make this happen!

Access the weather station at

Get instructions on bookmarking the new station in your web browser

Learn more about the new station

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Lower School art – Day 1!

K-5 students began the year by creating Collages of Chance in art class. We discussed how making mistakes in art is ok, and how mistakes can lead to new images. We discussed Hans Arp (1886-1966), who was a poet, sculptor, and painter. One day, while working in his studio, Mr. Arp was frustrated with a drawing. In frustration, he tore it up and threw it on the floor. Upon returning, he realized the pieces formed a beautiful composition. Mr. Arp then experimented by tearing up pieces of paper and intentionally dropping them onto the floor. These were his Collages of Chance.

Convocation wind socks

Lower School students created “wind socks” for the Waynflete’s opening Convocation. Teacher Mary Rehak was inspired to use recycled materials to make art that reacts with the wind. (Ideas in connection with The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind).

Materials included recycled tin cans, maps, book pages, and plastic trash bags. Students responded to the following writing prompts: What are some big ideas you like to think about? What do you imagine making with those ideas? What helps you feel creative?



Opening remarks for the 2019-2020 school year

Welcome back to you all. Special welcome to the ninth graders and to all of you who are new to the Upper School. I hope that you all had a great week and that those of you who are new to Waynflete will feel, with each passing day, that the Upper School is becoming more and more like home base to you. Please know that we are really excited that you have joined our community.

I want to start the year by asking a question that may seem a little odd coming from me.

What is the point of school? Really, what is the point of school?

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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman

Good morning!

I am so energized by LEAP Week this morning. Other than a sunburn on my nose, the most obvious sign of our week together is a greater sense of ease and comfort for all of you. As your teachers and advisors, we appreciate the chance to get to know you before we begin classes today.

For many of you, the start of classes is what’s on your mind this morning. It’s probably a combination of excitement and nerves, right? Will I get lost? Will I have or find a friend in each of my classes? Will the teacher like me? Will I know and be able to do the work? Will it be too hard? Will I be challenged in the way(s) I want to be? Will others know me as I really am and want to be seen?

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