EC–5 art show

Early Childhood–Grade 5 artwork is currently on view in the Klingenstein Library.

The Loon Pod in EC have been looking closely at the artwork by Vincent Van Gogh. While studying “Starry Night,” the students were interested in the swirls in the night sky. After watching videos of other artists making their own “Starry Night”-inspired art, they did their own! Students used shaving cream and water colors to create swirls of color and pressed paper down on top to make a print.

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8 Essential Building Blocks of a Kindergarten Program

After eight years of teaching at Waynflete, I know that kindergarten is not just about getting students ready for “school.” It’s about laying a foundation for a love of learning that students will take with them through the rest of their school years and beyond. Parents are sometimes unsure about which aspects of a kindergarten program are most important. Here are eight essential building blocks of a strong kindergarten to consider when you’re looking for a program that is right for your child.

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7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Pre-K For Your Child

Children who are three or four years old often find the transition from home to school easier if the environment, curriculum, and adults are engaging. At its best, school can harness young children’s vast curiosity, receptivity, and energy while nurturing their love of learning and school.

There are many fine pre-K programs in Greater Portland. How do you know which program will be right for your child and your family?

Here are seven important things to look for as you visit preschools:

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Color Theory Sea Turtles

In conjunction with their study of marine life, 2-3 students made observational paintings of sea turtles. Students began by drawing hexagons, incorporating them into shell patterns. Using reference materials, artists made drawings and mixed primary colors of tempera paint to complete the compositions.

The drawings are currently on display in the Klingenstein Library Gallery.