Probability Carnival

Seventh-grade students hosted a Probability Carnival in the gym this week for the rest of the middle school.

After learning about probability in their math classes, seventh-graders applied  their knowledge to create games-of-chance for their peers. It was a wonderful way to start the day before each grade headed out on their class picnics.

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Wooden spirit

Waynflete recently welcomed Mexican folk artists Efraín Fuentes and Silvia Gomez to campus. They spent the day demonstrating their craft and sharing their family story with students in Grades K-12, faculty, staff, and community members. It was a great opportunity to observe this Oaxacan husband-and-wife team work the wood found in the Zapotec region of Oaxaca.

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Grade 7 weaving exhibit

Grade 7 visual art students recently learned about the textile weaving of the Gutierrez Family in Zapotec, Mexico. Students made two types of weavings. In one, cardboard looms were used to create a range of organic or geometric patterns with yarn. In the second, students made colorful paste papers which they then wove into layered patterns. In both weavings, students were encouraged to design and explore the rhythm and movement that occur when juxtaposing colors and patterns.