Waynflete receives major grant from Edward E. Ford Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that Waynflete has received a matching $250,000 Educational Leadership Grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation. The grant will enable the school to build on the success of the The “Can We?” Project, which brings students from disparate communities together to learn dialogue skills and practice collaborative decision-making across political divides, and the New England Youth Identity Summit. The grant also allocates funds for the development of new programs and partnerships.

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Watch a video overview of The “Can We?” Project 

Waynflete takes first place in both Upper and Middle School state Science Olympiad competition

Waynflete participated in the 2019 Maine State Science Olympiad Tournament on Saturday, March 30, at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham. Two teams of 15 Upper School students and one team of 15 Middle School students competed in 23 different science and engineering events.

Waynflete’s Middle School team won first place in the middle school division while Waynflete’s Upper School teams took first and third place in the high school division. Seniors Phoebe Hart, Ingrid Ansel-Mullen, Quilla Flanagan-Burt, Carter Dexter, and Tzevi Aho led the Upper School teams in medal finishes. Waynflete Upper School students earned first, second, or third place medals in 20 of the 23 events in the competition!

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Sixth graders inhabit Greek city states

Teams of sixth graders recently competed against each other for points by learning about Greek city states and completing as many tasks as possible. They painted shields bearing the emblems of Athens, Sparta, Corinth, and Argos, engraved clay coins, decorated sashes that they wore each day, and wrote (and loudly performed) chants that permeated the walls of Hurd House. They became experts on their topic, writing a set of running notes to present to their class.

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The adolescent brain

The beautiful and highly adaptive adolescent brain is a marvel to behold. Technological advances have provided a clearer window into the workings of a brain that was once dismissed as a stage of development to simply “get through.” Current science debunks this perception and shows us that adolescence is perhaps the most crucial period in human cognitive and emotional development.

Learn more in an interesting article from Edutopia, “Decoding the Teenage Brain (in 3 Charts).”