Furry friend DNA analysis in Upper School science

Students in Katrina St. John’s biology class are collecting  DNA from their own dogs (or a friend’s or teacher’s dog) to see which variants of the RSP02 gene the dog carries.

The RSPo2 gene controls the hair length cycle in most mammals. Dogs that have the wild type gene have short fur, while those that have the “mt” variant produce more RSPo2 protein and have longer fur above their eyes and on their snout (facial furnishings).

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Upper Schoolers compete at Harvard University Science Olympiad Invitational

On Saturday, February 1, fifteen Upper School students traveled to Cambridge to compete in the Harvard University Science Olympiad Invitational. The seniors lead the team to another outstanding finish in what is always a competitive invitational tournament that includes laboratory, engineering, and field events along with traditional events in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences.  The team placed 19th out of 60 teams from around New England and well ahead of the other teams from Maine! The guest speaker at the awards ceremony, 2019 Nobel winner William Kaelin, spoke about his experiences as a student, medical doctor, and research scientist. His advice to the future scientists and scholars: work with people who are smarter than you, have fun doing your work (or find something else), and be a good and ethical person.

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Waynflete hosts second “Can We? Project” weekend for area high school students

The Can We? Project stands as a prime example of the good that can come from an independent school putting its core values out into the world. Watch the video below to learn more about the second edition of The Can We? Project, which took place  on November 15–17, or read a related story about political dialogue in secondary schools leading up to the 2020 election in a recent edition of Waynflete Magazine.