Guest artist drops in to speak with theatre students

Sometimes there is a silver lining!

Waynflete’s online platform made it easy for L.A. television and audio book actor Kathe Mazur to take time out from recording in her home studio to speak with Waynflete theatre students. Kathe talked about her own journey from a high school theatre program to the present. She shared insights about constantly reinventing herself as an actor, staying true to herself, and keeping things fun.

Despite our season’s end, a curious group of about ten Waynflete students stayed after school hours. They asked great questions about auditioning, preparing, and how to stay on a TV show for nine years!

Guest Debbie Landry drops in on Biology class to discuss COVID-19

Debbie Landry, PhD, founder of iXplore STEM, recently dropped in to Katrina St. John’s virtual biology class. Debbie discussed the structure of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). She reviewed how viruses infect cells and what vaccines are currently in development. Debbie collaborated with Waynflete’s science department earlier this year on the dog gene project.

Watch a recording of the class

iXplore is a nonprofit organization formed to build science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy and proficiency; to encourage students to pursue STEM degrees; to promote STEM awareness in Maine; and to expand the skilled workforce supporting STEM-dependent business sectors.

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Honoring Spring Senior Athletes

Twenty-four baseball, crew and lacrosse senior athletes will not have a chance to wear the Waynflete uniform and represent the Flyers this spring.  But their impact on Waynflete athletics has been significant.

The crew team had the best season in program history in 2019 winning three regattas. The boys and girls lacrosse teams qualified for the post-season every year with this group of seniors. Boys lacrosse won a state championship in 2018. And the baseball team was loaded with talent and poised to make a play-off run this spring. Boys lacrosse coach Parker Repko says about the seniors:  “…They represent the very best of Waynflete. While we won’t have the chance to make new memories, we should be grateful that they helped us make wonderful memories that will last forever.”

Thank you spring senior athletes!

Senior Athletes 2020

Avis Akers lacrosse, basketball, soccer, cross-country

Abby Aleshire  lacrosse, soccer 

Luca Antolini soccer, lacrosse, Nordic

Oliver Burdick soccer, basketball, lacrosse 

Eliot Bramble baseball, golf

Rachel Burns crew

Jack Cloutier baseball, basketball, soccer, golf

Adriel Barham lacrosse, ultimate frisbee

Niall Calvert cross country, crew

Kendyn Beaudoin-Clark crew 

Ellis Dougherty basketball, lacrosse

Xander Forsyth swim, crew

Eliza Gervais soccer, lacrosse

Eliza Goodwin soccer, lacrosse, basketball, Nordic, swim, crew

Olya Gregg crew

Julian Havelaar swim, crew

Tafari Makinen-Hall lacrosse, soccer, basketball

Haoming Ma swim, crew

Leo Rosenblum  crew

Clara Sandberg soccer, Nordic, lacrosse.

Emily Wagg cross-country, Nordic, lacrosse

Nicholas Werner cross-country, Nordic, lacrosse, crew

Anna Wildes cross-country, basketball, lacrosse

Peace of Pi

Dax Penney ’21 envisions low-cost computers for the resettled refugee community

Junior Dax Penney’s interest in computers, programming, and robotics was sparked by his experiences as a sixth-grader attending Waynflete summer camp. It was here where he first encountered open-source components and microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi.

In the world of computing, the Pi is a blank slate. The compact, low-cost device can load any number of operating systems from a standard SD card, which also serves as the computer’s internal memory. It was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a United Kingdom-based charity. According to its website, the foundation seeks to help more people harness the power of computing and digital technologies for project work, to solve problems that matter to them, and to express themselves creatively. “The Pi is a malleable platform,” says Dax. “I realized that it had a lot of potential.”

At the time, Dax was also involved with a Catholic Charities initiative called The Backpack Project, which raised funds to purchase school supplies for recently resettled refugees in Portland. He recalls attending an event where a father from Anbar Province, Iraq, described the impact of the Catholic Charities initiative on his family. “His comments really spoke to me,” Dax recalls. In his freshman year at Waynflete, Dax’s mother suggested that he consider how he might use his computer skills to help others.

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