Waynflete hosts 24-Hour Theatre Fest

Waynflete theatre hosted the 5th annual 24 Hour Theatre Fest—Virtual Edition. Nine schools attended, twelve plays were written overnight, and 27 students were present on Saturday to bring the plays to life on Zoom. The quality of the writing and acting was impressive. Thank you, Kate, Jack, Orion, Ransom, and Claire for representing Waynflete so well! And thank you to students and directors from Bonny Eagle, Central, Casco Bay, Cheverus, Kennebunk, Morse, Scarborough, and Portland High Schools!

NAIS Student Leadership Conference

Six Waynflete Upper Schools students will attend the National Association of Independent Schools’s virtual Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) from December 1–4.

The four-day event is a multiracial, multicultural gathering of high school student leaders from across the U.S. and abroad. SDLC focuses on self-reflecting, forming allies, and building community. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participating students develop cross-cultural communication skills, design effective strategies for social justice practice through dialogue and the arts, and learn the foundations of allyship and networking principles. In addition to large group sessions, SDLC “family groups” and “home groups” allow for dialogue and sharing in smaller units.


Congrats to the cast and crew of Metamorphoses who, in the time of COVID, rose to the challenge of putting on a socially distanced play about love and relationships! While some family members were able to attend—a rare celebration of live performing arts—students also mastered the technology to live stream the performance using multiple cameras. Way to go!

10 Tips for College Admissions

Every year, like clockwork, a host of publications tap into a particular vein of national anxiety: getting your child into college. From September through November, flurries of articles appear decrying the increasing selectivity of college admissions. Hardworking, gifted, and accomplished high school seniors are, it would seem, unable to garner offers of acceptance, which tends to send parent anxiety skyward. In my experience, the tone of these articles is the same every fall, and yet, students somehow manage to navigate the process and find themselves with choices to consider come spring.

After almost 30 years in college admissions, I know some degree of stress and anxiety is inevitable. That said, I can offer ten suggestions to give families a bit more confidence regarding the college selection process:

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