Middle School Mentoring Retreat

Middle School Mentoring is an Upper School activity that offers an opportunity for high schoolers to create and foster relationships with middle schoolers, helping them navigate the unique challenges of middle school life. The leaders this year, Musaid Mohammed ’19 and Marady Parr ’19, lead a group of seventeen mentors on a retreat with the entire seventh grade. During the retreat, students played games that helped them learn language for body image stereotypes and social media platforms, and then they watched two film clips that address these topics. The retreat culminated with small-group discussions led by the mentoring group.

Creature Club Celebrates a Llama’s Birthday

On Saturday, November 18th, the Upper School’s Creature Club activity volunteered at Graze in Peace (an animal sanctuary) in Durham, Maine. Participants included Charlotte Rhoads, Hannah Kiely, Aden Khalidi, Eliza Clark, Courtney Ford, Isabel and Claire Dubois, Stella Lynch and Lindsey Ayre. Students built fences, cleaned out the llama barn, picked apples for Henry the thousand pound pig (he is dieting). After working for several hours, volunteers celebrated Midnight the llama’s first birthday with vegan cupcakes! (And it was Charlotte’s birthday too!)

Advising Day!

Lydia Maier’s homeroom enjoyed its annual tradition of picking a fabric and sewing a personalized pillow to keep at school then take with them after graduating.