This Week in Upper School – 3/12/18

Tuesday, March 13

10:55 – Assembly (no announcements today)

Thursday, March 15

11:25 – short announcements followed by a presentation from Girls Leadership

Green Tip:

On March 21 there will be a movie night from 6:30 to around 9 in the auditorium here at school sponsored by WEAG! The movie will be “Before The Flood” which is about our constantly changing climate hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a great film with lots of things to talk about, so there will be a group dialogue after the movie. We hope to see you there, and look forward to more information at this weeks anouncement assembly. 

This Week in Upper School – 3/5/18


There will be MUSICAL CHAIRS in the Atrium from 11:30-12:00. Go to your activity first.
— You must sign up on the sheet hanging outside Cathie’s office, no more than 6 people per grade
There will be DODGEBALL after school at 3:15 in the gym hosted by Ross!!!
— You must sign up with a team on the sheet hanging on Cathie’s office door.
💤 PJ DAY 💤
There will be a BAKE SALE in the Atrium during break!!! 🍩
There will be LIMBO in the Atrium from 11:20-12:00 !!!
💃🎥 D E C A D E S   D A Y 🕴📻
Freshmen — 1970’s
Sophomores — 1980’s
Juniors — 1990’s
Seniors — 2000’s
The G R A D E   D A N C E – O F F will be in the Atrium 11:30 -11:55!!! Please go to your activity first.
–You and your grade are responsible for coming up with a dance which matches the theme with which to compete against the other grades.


When preparing for your dance, please remember……

Dances will be voted on:

Appropriateness (of music, dance, and clothing)

Choreography and participation

Green Tip:

Conserve water!

We all use water bottles daily but forget what happens to the water that is leftover at the end of the day. Rather than pouring excess water down the drain, make use of it by filling a water dish of a pet or using it to water plants.

This Week in Upper School – 2/12/18

Tuesday, February 13
10:55 – Announcement assembly

Thursday, February 15
11:25 – no assembly – free time

Green Tip: Buying Organic

For your own well being, consider the “clean fifteen” and “dirty dozen” when buying organic produce. Clean fifteen are relatively free of pesticides while the dirty dozen are often coated and better to buy organic.

This Week in US – 1/29/18

Monday, January 29
11:00 – 12:00 – Knitting Club Bake Sale

Tuesday, January 30 
10:55 – Assembly

Thursday, February 1
11:25 – Assembly

​7:00pm ​
Upper School Parent​/Student Night
Please join Waynflete’s consulting psychologist, Dr. John Stewart, and a panel of Upper School students on Thursday, February 1 for an evening to talk about the evolving role of technology in the lives of​ teens. ​This is open to all Upper School students and their parents. We are also strongly encouraging freshman students and their parents to attend as an extension of Seminar. ​

Green tip from WEAG: If in a school year each one of us uses a plastic container for lunch and put them together, we can fill up the entire Waynflete library with plastic waste!!

Please try bring your own reusable containers to get salad and other food from the cafe! This can help significantly reduce the use of plastic containers at our school 🙂