This Week in Upper School – 2/12/18

Tuesday, February 13
10:55 – Announcement assembly

Thursday, February 15
11:25 – no assembly – free time

Green Tip: Buying Organic

For your own well being, consider the “clean fifteen” and “dirty dozen” when buying organic produce. Clean fifteen are relatively free of pesticides while the dirty dozen are often coated and better to buy organic.

This Week in US – 1/29/18

Monday, January 29
11:00 – 12:00 – Knitting Club Bake Sale

Tuesday, January 30 
10:55 – Assembly

Thursday, February 1
11:25 – Assembly

​7:00pm ​
Upper School Parent​/Student Night
Please join Waynflete’s consulting psychologist, Dr. John Stewart, and a panel of Upper School students on Thursday, February 1 for an evening to talk about the evolving role of technology in the lives of​ teens. ​This is open to all Upper School students and their parents. We are also strongly encouraging freshman students and their parents to attend as an extension of Seminar. ​

Green tip from WEAG: If in a school year each one of us uses a plastic container for lunch and put them together, we can fill up the entire Waynflete library with plastic waste!!

Please try bring your own reusable containers to get salad and other food from the cafe! This can help significantly reduce the use of plastic containers at our school 🙂

This Week in US – 1/22/18

Monday, January 22
11:00-1 – Current Events activity bake sale in the Atrium

Tuesday, January 23

B block will end early – 10:40
10:50 – Special MLK assembly in the theater. Order lunch early!

Wednesday, January 24
8:15-12:10 – 8th grade students visit the Upper School​
Please welcome 8th grade students to your classes today during D, F, and A block
FYI to the freshmen – during break (10:05-10:20​)​ and E block(11:20-12:10) – 8th grade students will be in the student center for a presentation.  

Thursday, January 25
11:25 – Announcement assembly

Green Tip from WEAG: Skip the Straw
Straws are among the top-five most common beach litter items collected. They never biodegrade and take hundreds of years to break down. Next time you are out to eat simply skip the straw to help reduce this unnecessary impact on our environment.

This Week in US – 1/8/18

Tuesday, January 9
10:55 – Announcement assembly

7:00PM – Theater – JUNIORS – John and Breda are expecting you and your parents to join them in Franklin Theater at 7:00pm for their “kickoff” event for college counseling.

Thursday, January 11

Class meetings

11:25 – Freshmen and Sophomores – Theater – presentation by CITY Term

11:00 – 12:00 – Juniors – BRING YOUR LUNCH – STUDENT CENTER

NOTE TO JUNIORS from Breda and John:
A Panel Discussion & Q&A on The College Search
Class meeting today will run the full hour, so please arrive with your lunch at the Student Center at 11:00am  (Pre-order your lunch!)
Four Waynflete graduates  – Class of 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 – will discuss the evolution of their college process from January of junior year to now.  It should be a very interesting hour.

11:25 – Seniors – Wendy’s Lab – Important senior business will be covered