More faces on campus!

It was a big week for Waynflete students in grades 7–12! After careful consideration, and in line with CDC guidelines, we increased the percentage of students attending classes in person from 50 to 75 percent. (Students in preschool–grade 6 have all been on campus throughout the school year.)

It was wonderful to see more faces on campus—and they brought beautiful weather with them. Looking forward to 100 percent in September!

4-5 Neighborhood Collage Triptychs

As part of our Harlem Renaissance unit, 4-5 Art students studied the work of Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden. Using recycled materials, students created a collage triptych in the style of Bearden’s “The Block,” a six-panel collage of his Harlem neighborhood.

View the triptychs

Starry Night in EC

When the EC Loons returned from winter break, they dove into a study of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork. After looking closely at a number of his paintings, the children showed heavy interest in “Starry Night.” They looked at other artists whose work was inspired by Starry Night, then decided to make their own Starry Night Environment in a corner of their classroom.

The children worked on painting the swirly sky, the moonlit town, stars, moon, and the tall tree on large pieces of cardboard. They assembled all the pieces, then added a night sky light.  The product is a beautiful rendition of Starry Night that the children can now use as a quiet corner in the classroom for reading or meditation.

Watch a video  clip of the Starry Night artwork