Waynflete pilots complementary English/History middle school curriculum

We are excited to be piloting new, complementary curricula in eighth grade  English and history this year. We spent much of the summer working together to create courses that work in concert to explore themes of citizenship, civic engagement, and civil rights.

The central theme of the eighth-grade humanities experience is citizenship. Students will explore many different iterations of civic courage and community, from the local to the global, and investigate concepts including justice, activism, and intersectionality. Continue reading “Waynflete pilots complementary English/History middle school curriculum”

Seven ways to reduce middle schoolers’ stress —and improve their ability to learn

Life can feel overwhelming to the middle schooler who is navigating longer periods of focused attention on academics, working to balance extracurricular activities with homework, and beginning to chart a course toward adulthood and self-reliance—all while a large volume of highly stimulating, provocative information streams in at high speeds, through myriad devices, at every moment of the day. To empathize with the challenges that your child faces at this stage in their development, it is important for you to learn more about the middle-school brain.

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Waynflete middle schoolers compete in regional Sea Perch program

A group of middle school science students competed in the regional Sea Perch competition last Friday. The event is hosted by the Navy and the University of New Hampshire. Over the previous two weeks, students had built a functioning remotely operated underwater vehicle that they had to learn how to drive in the course of completing several tasks. The group had the opportunity to share their experience with scientists during a formal presentation.

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Judy Novey honored by MAEA

Waynflete art department chair Judy Novey was recently recognized by the Maine Art Education Association in its annual Art Educator Awards and Recognitions Program. Judy received the Association’s “Outstanding Commitment to the Profession” award.

Congratulations Judy!