This Week in Upper School – 3/12/18

Tuesday, March 13

10:55 – Assembly (no announcements today)

Thursday, March 15

11:25 – short announcements followed by a presentation from Girls Leadership

Green Tip:

On March 21 there will be a movie night from 6:30 to around 9 in the auditorium here at school sponsored by WEAG! The movie will be “Before The Flood” which is about our constantly changing climate hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a great film with lots of things to talk about, so there will be a group dialogue after the movie. We hope to see you there, and look forward to more information at this weeks anouncement assembly. 

UMF professor visits Astrophysics class

Astrophysics students welcomed Chris Magri, Astronomy and Physics professor at University of Maine Farmington, to class today. Dr. Magri discussed his research involving RADAR imaging of asteroids.

Dr. Magri reviewed asteroid study missions that are currently underway, including OSIRIS-REx (launched last year to take samples of the asteroid Bennu and return to Earth), and Psyche (launching in 2022 to orbit a metallic asteroid). Researchers hope that Psyche will provide insights into how planets form. The class was also interested in discussing Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs)—specifically, what are the chances we’ll be hit by one we haven’t seen yet! Dr. Magri also brought a 3D model of the asteroid Betulia that he helped characterize through imaging.

Astrophysics is one of three Upper School electives for which students can obtain college credit at the University of Maine (the others are Advanced Biology and Calculus II).

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B-T clan rocks Middle School assembly

At today’s Middle School assembly, Bukowski-Thall siblings Rosey (Grade 6), Nathan (Grade 8), and Henry (Grade 10)—accompanied by music instructor, Mike Dank— rocked out in Franklin Theater. The set list included “Hallelujah,” “Let It Be,” and “Day Tripper.”

From the archive: Novel ideas

It starts in Middle School. “Students who had been highly imaginative writers just stop writing,” says English teacher Sarah Macdonald. “They think they have a sense of what’s good and what’s not. They decide that ‘they’re not writers’ and their output starts to suffer.”

Waynflete’s Middle School English teachers are always looking for new opportunities to motivate young writers. After learning about NaNoWriMo from an enthusiastic new Waynflete student, Sarah investigated further.

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