This Week in US – 1/22/18

Monday, January 22
11:00-1 – Current Events activity bake sale in the Atrium

Tuesday, January 23

B block will end early – 10:40
10:50 – Special MLK assembly in the theater. Order lunch early!

Wednesday, January 24
8:15-12:10 – 8th grade students visit the Upper School​
Please welcome 8th grade students to your classes today during D, F, and A block
FYI to the freshmen – during break (10:05-10:20​)​ and E block(11:20-12:10) – 8th grade students will be in the student center for a presentation.  

Thursday, January 25
11:25 – Announcement assembly

Green Tip from WEAG: Skip the Straw
Straws are among the top-five most common beach litter items collected. They never biodegrade and take hundreds of years to break down. Next time you are out to eat simply skip the straw to help reduce this unnecessary impact on our environment.

Martin Luther King Jr. Upper School Assembly

On Tuesday, the Upper School will celebrate the spirit and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., at our annual MLK assembly. Our guest is Bay Love, who graduated from Waynflete in 2000. After earning a BA in Latin American Studies from Wesleyan University, an MBA from University of North Carolina, and a Master’s in Public Policy from Duke University, Bay has been consulting with organizations seeking to incorporate principles of racial equity.

Currently Bay is an organizer, trainer, and projects manager with the Racial Equity Institute. More information about the Institute and Bay can be found on the REI website linked here.  Earlier this month, Bay led a powerful workshop with the Upper School team in which he presented compelling data documenting the systemic roots of racial inequity. A sampling of the data is linked here. If you are interested in taking a deep dive into this topic, REI is hosting two workshops in Maine in February and March. Information on those workshops is linked here.

The assembly on Tuesday will take the form of an interview. Seniors Nick Jenkins and Atia Werah will join Bay on stage for what promises to be an important conversation. Atia and Nick will ask Bay about his work and how he came to do it and why he sees racial inequity as a detriment to the quality of life for all members of a society, regardless of identity. After the assembly, students will gather in advising groups for lunch and conversations about what they heard.

Special thanks to Nick and Atia for hosting the conversation as well as Jimmy Manyuru who has organized the event.

Waynflete Asks “Can We?”

During the last round of class meetings, Associate Director for Student Life Jimmy Manyuru and I invited Waynflete juniors and seniors to apply for an opportunity to take on perhaps the most pressing challenge of our time—civic dysfunction.

While our nation faces many urgent challenges right now—including promoting economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, and social justice while avoiding nuclear war—none arguably is as urgent as the need to strengthen our democratic institutions so that we can as a society meet those pressing challenges thoughtfully, effectively, and fairly for the benefit of all.

For the past eight months, a planning team that includes Jimmy, Assistant Head of School Lydia Maier, and me has been developing a cross-community response to this challenge. At the root of the dysfunction are the deep divisions among US citizens along lines of identity and viewpoint, paralyzing divisions that have raised an essential question on which our future as a society depends:

Can we harness the wisdom and power inherent in the great diversity of the American people to revitalize our democracy, mend the social fabric, and live out the true meaning of our nation’s promise of liberty and justice for all?

Continue reading “Waynflete Asks “Can We?””

A Glimpse of GLTR

Some people are unaware of the girls’ activity in which we strive for equal rights: GLTR (Girls’ Leadership Training) We recently joined this group to broaden our perspective of women’s rights and the inequalities women face. This group has been so informative, even in the past couple of weeks, that we have been able to experience the diverse perspectives of the girls at Waynflete. Each of us have our own unique perspective on the new “constitution” and its difficulties. In a meeting last week, we as a group discussed the process of how a bill gets passed. We were never old enough to understand the ins and outs of politics, but now are learning about the internal processes. The lengthy process of passing a bill includes left us personally in shock of how much veto power one segment of the government has. Continue reading “A Glimpse of GLTR”

Winter play coming soon!

The winter musical is on its way! Director and Musical Director Katy Cavanaugh, Choreographer Susan Nelson and the cast of The Drowsy Chaperone have been hard at work for weeks putting this ambitious show together. Our stage and costume crew are about to join the party as work ramps up on building an ambitious set and preparing glamorous costumes. How does a shabby New York apartment become a elegant mansion? How do we fly an entire tap dancing wedding party on an airplane to the tropics? You will find out soon! Continue reading “Winter play coming soon!”