The special sauce

At the most recent meeting of the Upper School team, I asked each advisor to tell a brief story that illustrates their happiest moment at work over the past two weeks since the start of the new year. When it came to my turn, I could honestly say that my favorite moment had just happened—listening to their stories. Those stories clearly illustrated the truth of what one advisor had said, which is that “the special sauce of Waynflete is alive and well.”

Based on those stories, the sauce ingredients include:

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“Authenticity” in the Waynflete Gallery

The Authenticity show in the Waynflete Gallery has enabled visitors of all ages to participate in various reinterpretations of famous “masterpieces.” The show invites viewers and participants to consider the very definitions of art and who is an artist, while posing questions about originality and ownership. The artists whose work is examined are Andy Warhol, Georges Seurat, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Sol Lewitt.

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Waynflete students recognized in New York Times “Review Contest”

“Clever use of language, insightful perspective, and engaging commentary.” These are some of the qualities that New York Times Learning Network staff considered when judging almost 2,000 submissions to the newspaper’s fourth annual Student Review Contest.

Students in Laura Lennig’s Essay Writing class have submitted entries to the contest for the past three years. This year, Sydney Sullivan was recognized as one of only ten national winners while Julia Fiori’s and Anna Wildes’s submissions were both recognized with Honorable Mentions.

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Upper schoolers compete in MIT Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

On January 12, fifteen Waynflete students competed in 23 different science and engineering events at the MIT Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Notable finishes include a 12th place finish (against 76 teams from across the country, representing some of the top Science Olympiad schools) in an event called “Wright Stuff” in which Abby Aleshire ’20 and Clara Sandberg ’20 built a rubber band-powered airplane that flew for over one minute.

Other top events were Astronomy, by team captains Phoebe Hart ’19 and Ingrid Ansel-Mullen ’19, and Forensics, by team newcomer sophomore Aidan Keiffer and his partner Abby Aleshire.

Watch the “Wright Stuff” event video: