“I Have a Dream”

Eighth graders are currently engaged in a year-long theater class. During the first semester, theater arts teacher Tiki Fuhro has collaborated with her Middle School colleagues to enrich student learning in history and English. They have performed the short story The Bear Who Wasn’t—a parable on identity—for Lower School classes. They also worked on Martin Luther King’s Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in conjunction with their current study of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Panelists and students explore the complex nature of the immigration experience

Decades ago, Waynflete came to realize the power of learning in community. From longer ago than anyone currently teaching at the school can remember, discussion has been a preferred pedagogical method. A well-orchestrated discussion facilitates the powerful learning that come from listening carefully to different perspectives. About five years ago, we began to hear from alums that while they had grown accustomed to having productive conversations about even the most charged topics while in high school, they were often finding the climate in their colleges to be hostile to such endeavors. We realized that our students needed more from their high school experience than opportunities to be in dialogue. They also needed to be taught the skills.

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Electricity Club

Interested fourth- and fifth-grade students participated in an electricity club during recesses this fall. Students experimented with snap circuits to learn about the basics of electricity and wiring. Inspired by the book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, students then built a small styrofoam “Power House” that generated electricity through solar panels and a windmill. They were most excited to see a LED light shining brightly when the windmill spun at high speeds!

Watch a video of students generating electricity

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