Opening Remarks from Upper School Director Lowell W. Libby

Welcome back after so many miles hiked, biked, and paddled, services rendered, new connections made, old relationships deepened, and our collective appreciation for the natural environment heightened. It is a lot to ask of faculty to spend four days and three nights away from their lives be with you on these trips, but every leader I have spoken with so far has reported great things about being in your company such that the experience has fired them up about the school year. I certainly feel that way about my time with the 9th graders. That says a lot about you as a student body. So, when you see your trip leaders around campus – especially Blake who as OE coordinator has been breathing in for weeks now and is just now getting to exhale – thank them for all they do and then pat yourselves on your backs for a job well done. Continue reading “Opening Remarks from Upper School Director Lowell W. Libby”

Upper School Gratitudes 2018

On the last day of school advisors asked their advisees to write down something they were grateful for over the past year. Answers varied from donuts to Breda White, and each advisor shared one or two at our closing assembly. The word cloud above highlights the most popular words in all their responses, and you can read all the wonderful things Waynflete students were thankful for by clicking here.

Happy Summer!

Spring Sports Varsity Wrap-Up 2018

It was a sensational spring for Flyers teams!

Five Waynflete athletes participated in spring track as cooperative individuals with Cheverus. Our athletes practiced with Cheverus and represented Waynflete at meets. All five competed in the Western Maine Conference championship at Lake Region. Abby Pipkin was the WMC Champion for Division II in the 800-meter run and second overall in the conference. She was recognized as First Team All-Conference. Abby was also honored as a senior scholar athlete. Patrick Shaw ’21 placed fifth in the 400-meter run and won his heat in the 100-meter dash. Helen Hornor set a PR in the 800 by nine seconds. Ellie Simmons set a PR in the 1600 by eight seconds. Pipkin qualified for the Class A state meet and competed in the 800 meter. Continue reading “Spring Sports Varsity Wrap-Up 2018”

Baccalaureate and Commencement 2018

It was a whirlwind week at Waynflete, but the final events have come to a close and all of a sudden, hallways feel oddly quiet. We had two wonderful ceremonies for our graduating seniors—Baccalaureate and Commencement. Click below to see photos from the events, and stay tuned—we will post speech excerpts, readings, and more!

Baccalaureate and Commencement Photos

Waynflete Commencement, Merrill Auditorium , Portland, Maine, Brian Beard – CIP
Waynflete Commencement, Merrill Auditorium , Portland, Maine, Brian Beard – CIP
Baccalaureate, Waynflete, Portland, Maine, Brian Beard – CIP
Waynflete Commencement, Merrill Auditorium , Portland, Maine, Brian Beard – CIP

A complete collection of Baccalaureate and Commencement photos are available from CIP Photography.

Senior Slideshow!

A few days before Commencement, Waynflete seniors and their advisors gather for a special celebratory dinner. Each senior is honored with a “Senior Minute”—a short ode to that student and their time at Waynflete. To cap off the evening we play a slideshow featuring photos of the students as they grew up. Click below for lots of cute baby pictures!

2018 Senior Slideshow