Senior Project Presentations

Every spring, seniors leave campus in early May and spend four weeks pursuing a subject of personal interest. This Senior Project month is a fondly remembered time that opens students’ eyes to new interests as they prepare to enter college.

We asked seniors to share their presentations with us so we could share them with you! Click here to view the project presentation schedule. Any project that has a link is available to view. Check back soon—more will be added in the weeks ahead.

This Week in Upper School – 3/27/18

Tuesday, March 27
10:55 – Announcement assembly – Jazz combo performs
Thursday, March 29
11:25 – Freshmen – Class meeting – theater
11:15 – Sophomores and juniors – POD groups – look for an email from me with more details.
11:25 – Senior class meeting – Wendy’s Lab

Will Armstrong ’18 lights things up

Each “What Matters Most?” interview tries to capture an aspect of a student’s pursuits or interests that might not be visible in their everyday Waynflete experience. This week, I caught up with Will Armstrong who has dedicated countless hours backstage running the technical production aspects, designing lights over five shows during his four years at Waynflete.

Will, how did you first discover this passion?

I first got hooked in Middle School –  It was definitely during the 8th grade show when I first felt part of a production. Chris Fitze also had something to do with it- he draws people to technical theater because of who he is. I showed up one day and he said “here’s how the board works and you’re designing lights for the show.” I landed the job because there was no one else to do it for Cry of Players but I’d say lighting design strikes me as the best job there is. Continue reading “Will Armstrong ’18 lights things up”

Welcome to our new college counselor

Waynflete is pleased to announce the hiring of Emily Birchby as our new Associate Director of College Counseling.

Emily brings with her nine years of experience in selective college admissions having served as an Associate Dean of Admissions at her alma mater, Bowdoin College. Among her many responsibilities in the Bowdoin Office of Admission, Emily served as the regional representative for Southern Maine and had the pleasure of reading a number of applications from former Waynflete students. In 2012, Emily earned her M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education while simultaneously assisting the college counseling office of The Academy of the Pacific Rim.

Emily currently manages Bowdoin’s THRIVE program which supports student achievement during the transition from high school to college while providing mentorship and fostering a sense of belonging. In addition to her work at Bowdoin, Emily serves as a board member of Portland Community Squash and is an avid runner, skier, and cyclist. Emily lives in Yarmouth with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters, Parker and Winslow.

See her photo above, and say “hi!” if you see her visiting campus.

This Week in US – 3/19/18

Tuesday, March 20
10:55 – Long Advising lunch
Thursday, March 22
11:25 – Announcement assembly
Friday, March 23 
No school – parent conferences

Green Tip: Waynflete Earth Hour + Movie Night!

Waynflete Earth Hour

“It’s difficult to get people to understand that the things we find convenient have an impact on the natural environment” -Earth hour mission statement

Wednesday, March 21st from 10:00-11:00 am (Upper school break through third block), the Waynflete community will be participating in their own earth hour. After the announcement is made, please turn off all lights and unnecessary sources of electricity.

Earth hour is a world-wide event intended to raise awareness about current environmental issues affecting our planet and proving that small changes amongst individuals can impact on the world greatly. Waynflete believes that as a community, it is important to take part in this movement for positive change, becoming conscious of how our everyday conveniences impact the world in which we live on a larger scale.

Movie Night

In celebration of world-wide earth hour, this Wednesday from 6:30-8:30, WEAG will be screening the movie Before the Flood in the Franklin Theatre with free admission. The movie follows Leo Dicaprio as he examines current day impacts of climate change. It also features President Obama, Pope Francis, and a host of other experts. At the conclusion of the film, we will have a dialogue to discuss topics of interest from the movie. Bring all of your friends, this will be a good time!

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