Winter Varsity Sports 2019 Wrap-Up

Under 15-year veteran coach Rich Henry, the boys basketball team had a very successful season. The boys earned the WMC Division Championship on their way to a 14-2 regular season record. The team recorded impressive wins over Class B powerhouses Cape, Freeport, Wells, and Yarmouth. The Flyers earned the #2 seed in Class C South and dispatched the #7 seed Old Orchard Beach 67-32 in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals the Flyers fell to the #3 seed Hall-Dale Bulldogs by a score of 65-58. Solomon Levy ’20 and Dominick Campbell ’21 were named to the WMC First Team. Alex Saade ’19, Finn Scott ’19, and Askar Houssein ’20 were named to the WMC Second Team.  

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Stargazing, Love, and Peru

Anna Louise Wildes ’20 reflects on her Students Shoulder to Shoulder experience in Peru

I believe a good dosage of stargazing is healthy for the soul; it can really put into perspective how small human beings are, and remind us of the things that truly matter. After all, it’s not often enough that we’re humbled by mother nature’s displays. It was there, laying on the hay under the stars, surrounded by some of the most amazing friends I’ve ever made, (and supplemented by The Book Of Joy quotes, courtesy of Brian), that I realized it’s love that moves me. Not romantic kind of love; more like the deep fondness that expands into other things such as passion, curiosity, and compassion.

There’s love in everything I do, and it’s love that motivates me to do more. I realized I love being with kids, moreover people in general, and giving them the attention and nurturing they deserve. I realized I love nature and all it has to offer, and it ignites a curious spirit within me, encouraging exploration and appreciation. I love life itself, and I cannot wait for the people I’m going to meet, the places I’m going to see, and everything in between. I love the people I’ve met and that have touched me during this trip, and I’ll implement that love into each new endeavor I face. I’m beyond grateful for this experience and the love it has filled me with.

-Anna Louise (Peru 2018)

Scavenger Hunt at the Cumberland County Fair

Last week, K-1 traveled to the Cumberland County fair to visit the livestock and watch some demonstrations. Armed with a scavenger hunt list of things to spot, these youngsters had an up close encounter with a silky racer and his horse, played with baby goats, and picked out their favorite bunnies and chickens and baby pigs. Much to their dismay, they weren’t allowed to return with any new pets. They capped the visit off with a demonstration where they witnessed wool being spun into yarn. They were full of questions through the morning and returned to Waynflete in time for Pachanga, happy but exhausted.

Reflections on the 2018 Seniors v. Faculty Softball Showdown

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “chamber of commerce day” is a day with gorgeous weather when a region would want tourists to visit, such that it might make companies feel that they should relocate to the area.  The on-line picture next to this definition is a photograph taken at about noontime today at the Fore River Fields.  With a high blue sky, puffs of white clouds, and surrounded by that green that only trees in May and early June can create, the FRF looked every inch the kind of place that any self-respecting ‘Fleter would want to find themselves twelve hours after the end of prom.  This was especially true with the prospect of seeing the “‘Flete (not to be confused with “fleet”) Flyer Faculty” softball juggernaut perform its annual wizardry – otherwise known as “The Fountain of Youth Fling” – in a one-game series against the class of 2018.   Continue reading “Reflections on the 2018 Seniors v. Faculty Softball Showdown”