Waynflete hosts regional math meet

On March 4, 125 students from nine area high schools assembled at Waynflete for the Pi-Cone South “Portland Large” divisional math meet—the fifth meet of the year and the third time that the school has hosted in the past four years.

Waynflete “mathletes” have participated in Maine Association of Math League meets for the past decade. This year, teacher David Neilan served as emcee; Lisa Kramer, Drew Dubuque, and Steve Withers fulfilled the roles of steely-eyed proctors; and Jim Deterding stepped in as team coach and scorer. Tom Campbell was the meet director. As in previous years, Waynflete student volunteers served as hosts and runners.

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Waynflete set to host annual Girls Rock! conference

Waynflete is thrilled to once again be hosting the Hardy Girls Healthy Women annual “Girls* Rock!” conference on March 27.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women takes girls seriously through year-round, state-wide programs that put the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance. They dare adult allies to join them in standing with girls.

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Climate Fact Cards

During the month of January, students in Waynflete’s 4-5 program created fact cards in connection with their class unit on Iceland’s glaciers, sea level rise, and Iceland’s proactive efforts to slow the pace of climate change. (Iceland is this year’s Global Focus country.)

The fact cards are similar to public service announcements, with messages ranging from “CO2 is the gas that’s causing Earth to warm up over time” to “The world’s largest glacier is in Antarctica” to “Glaciers melting may trigger more volcanic eruptions in Iceland.”

These signs are posted around the Lower School. Have a look the next time you visit!

View a gallery of selected postcards