La Cremà

As part of the Lower School’s study of Spain (this year’s “Global Focus” country), students recently participated in the celebration of a Valencian festival called “Las Fallas.”

Each home station in the Lower School spent weeks creating a Spanish themed “Falla” out of paper mâche for the event. EC made a cactus, K-1 created animals native to Spain, 2-3 whipped up Spanish food, and the 4-5 Fallas depicted Spanish sports. On March 19, Spaniards in Valencia burn their Fallas during the final event of the festival called “La Cremà.” The Lower School had a Cremà of their own. Students watched their creations burn as they enjoyed Paella Valenciana cooked over an open fire.

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Sixth graders inhabit Greek city states

Teams of sixth graders recently competed against each other for points by learning about Greek city states and completing as many tasks as possible. They painted shields bearing the emblems of Athens, Sparta, Corinth, and Argos, engraved clay coins, decorated sashes that they wore each day, and wrote (and loudly performed) chants that permeated the walls of Hurd House. They became experts on their topic, writing a set of running notes to present to their class.

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Upper schoolers compete in Lion’s Club Speak Out contest

Waynflete students recently competed in the annual Lion’s Club Speak Out contest at the University of Southern Maine.  Students write a 4-6 minute speech on an issue they care about. After presenting, students are asked questions by judges and are scored by a three-person team.

Linguo Ren, a sophomore and an international student from Shanghai, China, spoke on stereotyping and how respect is needed to overcome it.  He came in third place.  Christine Odia Wa Ngalamulume  spoke about the need to feel uncomfortable in order to learn.  She placed second.

Pictured above: Linguo Ren, Levi Lilienthal, Audrey Orenstein, Sylvette Dupe-Vete Congolo, and Christine Odia Wa Ngalamulume.

Waynflete LifeSmarts team crowned state champions

On Friday, March 8, Waynflete competed in the Maine LifeSmarts Competition at Unum in Portland. Led by captain Ben Lualdi, team members included Sam Yankee, Hannah Babcock, Tabarak Al Musawi, and Haoming Ma. LifeSmarts is a consumer challenge competition whose goal is to educate young adults to be intelligent consumers. Some of the material is immediately applicable, some will help in the near future, while other material will help students long-term. The five core content areas are personal finance, technology, health and safety, consumer rights and responsibilities, and the environment. The format of competition is in a game show style, with two teams competing against one another at a time.

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