The heart of learning at Waynflete

Last week, the New York Times published an article by David Brooks entitled “Students Learn from the People They Love.” A Waynflete parent shared it with her children’s teachers, with a kind note of acknowledgement. The article quickly went viral among Waynflete’s faculty and staff. Brooks’s piece affirms what so many of us appreciate about Waynflete and what makes the school unique: the relationships. Teachers and students “learning to learn, side by side.”

It has been such a pleasure for me to give tours of the new Lower School this year. Prospective families appreciate the beautiful space as much as we all do! Seeing students and teachers in action in purposefully designed classrooms allows parents who are considering Waynflete to see how their children will spend their time: exploring, playing, questioning, connecting, thinking, and learning in relationship with the materials, the space, the teachers, and one another.

But the magic of Waynflete is not about the buildings. The magic is about the relationships.

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Let’s talk Lower School mathematics!

On Wednesday night a group of parents, Lower School math teachers, and Admission staff gathered to engage in some math puzzles and activities and to talk about Waynflete’s elementary school math program.  

Lower School Curriculum Co-Coordinator and 4-5 teacher Kai Bicknell shared a classroom video of a Number Talk, a classroom technique used to build mental math skills, encourage flexible thinking, and develop a better conceptual understanding of the math we do every day. Students demonstrated six different approaches to the computational problem 5 x 19—all without pencil and paper!

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Storytime for young readers

PRINT: A Bookstore again hosted Waynflete faculty and a group of pre-and early readers to enjoy an afternoon of stories and activities.

Three books were highlighted at the event: Melia and Jo by Milly Aronson, Off & Away by Cale Atkinson, and What in the World: Numbers in Nature by Nancy Raines Day. Children made book marks connected to the books’ themes and enjoyed a Scavenger Hunt to explore the store and find cut-out characters from the books.

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Codebreaking at PRINT

A group of Waynflete faculty, the staff from Print: A Bookstore, and a group of eager elementary and middle school students enjoyed an afternoon of coding activities together. The book Code Girls: The True Story of the American Women Who Secretly Broke Codes in World War II served as the catalyst for this event. “Coding is something that captures all kinds of minds—the artist, the mathematician, the scientist, the historian, the engineer,” said Lower School Director Anne Hopkins. “There was something for everyone at this event.”

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Congratulations to newly accepted students and families!

Congratulations to newly accepted students and families! We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community.

In the meantime, we are eager for you to feel connected and informed about our program and school news. For that, we have the Waynflete Wire, a blog that provides an inside look at the student experience and community events. To learn more about our program, click the “Lower School” in the header above.

Anne Hopkins
Lower School Director