Sixth-graders celebrate Saturnalia

Waynflete sixth-graders gathered last week to celebrate Saturnalia, an ancient Roman holiday that celebrated the return of Saturn, the god of the harvest.

Students made ancient Roman pendants out of clay, inscribing them with their initials and favorite numbers (using Roman numerals, of course). They learned about Roman food, making their own Roman recipes and “tea-ifying” them to make them look ancient. Finally, the entire sixth grade gathered in the new Lower School Innovation Lab dressed in togae—borrowed bedsheets, not the 30-foot long variety favored by Romans.

Sixth grade indoor archaeological dig

Over the past month, students in sixth-grade history have been learning to think, dig, and document like archaeologists by conducting an indoor archaeological dig in the new Lower School’s Innovation Lab. In groups of three or four, students practice their excavation and documentation skills by gradually uncovering and recording artifacts hidden within their team’s bin.

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Founder of International Peace Initiatives visits Waynflete

We were fortunate to have Dr. Karambu Ringera, who runs International Peace Initiatives based in Meru, Kenya, with us on Tuesday last week. At our Middle and Upper School assemblies, Dr. Karambu shared her thoughts on why curiosity, care, and courage are essential abilities for effecting lasting change in the world—starting with our day-to-day lives in a school community.

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Mindful technology evening for parents

Erica Marcus, educator and wellness instructor from “Wise Minds, Big Hearts,” led parents last Monday in an evening of reflection that began with an inquiry into our own technology use as a window into understanding the impact of screens and devices for our children.

The conversation centered on how to be more intentional in determining your family’s “technology diet” and reclaim “screen free family time,” including ideas for how to respond when tech use feels out of balance. An interesting related article on rising concerns about the impact of devices on children appeared last Friday in the New York Times.

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