Apps, Gadgets, and Games for the Holidays

Need a great gift that inspires learning and creativity?

Waynflete Lower School teacher Tim Hebda has put together a list of apps, gadgets, and games to keep your child excited and engaged during the holidays!

Ideas for Preschool through Grade 5:


  • Alien Assignment: an app for younger learners that encourages problem solving and family interaction. Help the Gloop family fix their spaceship by taking photos of objects that might help solve specific problems. Children hand the device to a family member to review—a great opportunity talk with kids about their thinking.
  • Mekorama: guide a robot through stunning block-style mazes and structures. Critical thinking skills are stretched as children take risks to try out possible solutions and learn from mistakes. Puzzles can be built and shared, -supporting creativity and planning.
  • Everything Machine: a blank canvas with a toolbox filled with parts that fit together to create virtual electronic devices. Trial and error and tinkering through a drag-and-drop process easily links pieces to create and problem solve. (Explore the many other great apps created by Tinybop.)
  • Bloxels Builder: create your own video game using blocks and endless imagination. Similar to the first Mario Brothers!
  • LightBot and Lightbot, Jr.: great computational thinking application that lays the groundwork for coding. Send a simple program to a small robot so it can maneuver around a simple layout and turn on its light bulb.

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